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AquaPill 2 - Clarifier Plus

Specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of highly used pools, AquaPill 2 Clarifier Plus's multi-action formula clears cloudy water and removes excess metals by flocculating tiny suspended particles into larger ones that can be filtered out.
Commercial clarifier also removes oil and scum, reducing that dark ring around the waterline. It also makes cleaning the filter quicker and easier.
  • Easy to use; simply place in skimmer; automatically dispenses.
  • Simply punch the chemical dispensing hole and place in your skimmer.
  • For pools up to 20,000 gallon capacity.
  • Restores, polishes and maintains water clarity.
  • Simply drop into your pool, and you're done.

Sold Individually - Case Pack 12

UPC Code: 662817901279
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