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inSPAration - POOL Refresh (20oz)

Pool Refresh Water Freshener and Moisturizer, is the perfect treatment for the swimming pool to combat all the effects Chlorine creates. Pool Refresh adds a skin moisturizer into the water so when you get out, your skin feels soft and moisturized. It will also mask chlorine or chemical odors, while staying pH Neutral without clouding, foaming, or changing water chemistry. Add weekly or after each water treatment to keep your pool Fresh all year long.
Use 5 fluid ounces for every 15,000 gallons. Each bottle contains a 4-week supply for the average swimming pool.

Moisturize | Reduce Irritation | Mask Chemical Odors | Feel the Difference

No More Dry-Itchy Skin after you Swim!

  • Bottle: 20 oz
  • Pool water freshener and moisturizer
  • Reduces irritation and masks odor.
  • Dosage: 5oz per every 15,000 Gallons
  • Keep pool fresh all year long.
  • Add weekly or after each water treatment.

Sold Individually - Case Pack 6

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