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Mini Bucket Test - Pool Leak Detector

The Mini Bucket Test is a new and simple do-it-yourself pool leak detector. This must-have tool is your customers first step if they suspect a pool leak.

This unit allows your customers to easily check if the swimming pool is leaking or just evaporatiing. It is perfectly weighted at the base to remain stable on the first swim step and it's reusable. This is the perfect "suggestion product" when customers purchase CONDITIONER or SALT.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 :   
Turn off your pool's water features and auto-fill system (if installed).  Leave main pool pump running.
Step 2 :   
Place the Mini Bucket Test on the first swim step of your pool. Fill it up so the water level on the inside of the tester matches the water level of the pool.
Step 3   
Come back in a day or two and check it out. That’s IT !!! 

Sold Individually - Case Pack 6

UPC Code: 860000096508
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