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Tub Rub
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Cleaning with the reusable Tub Rub pad is quick, easy and safe.  Contains only natural ingredients.  No gloves needed. Completely child safe. Soak pad thoroughly, wipe, rinse and let dry. The job is done!

Tub Rub as a Cleaner
Use As Is
Spas: Ceramic Tile, Rovel and Acrylics (use gently, test for scratching, causes no flaking or film)
Tile: Bath, Kitchen & Pool. Easy to clean corners, door tracks, frames, etc.
Counter Tops:Gentle use recommended on softer surfaces.
Boats: Fiberglass and stainless surfaces come clean in a snap.
Tub Rub as Applicator
For Difficult Cleaning
Pour 6 to 8 ounces of liquid cleaner in a dish or plastic container. Place the Tub Rub pad in the solution (approx. 30 sec). Pad will absorb and retain the cleaner for maximum use and efficiency. Proceed with cleaning - wipe, rinse and let dry.
Vinyl/Fiberglass Cleaner: Pad holds liquid cleaner for cleaning beneath water line in pools.
Wall Cleaning: Hand prints, scuff marks, on washable woodwork and walls (test first.)
Tile Cleaner: Use with acidic tile cleaners for mineral deposits such as calcium (do not use same pad with other cleaning solutions).
Caution: Contains mild abrasive and may dull the finish on soft surfaces.  Take all precautions as stated on the label of cleaning product being used with the Tub Rub Pad.

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How long does the Tub Rub pad last?
This depends on how it is used. The more the pad is exposed to water, the more cleaning agent will be released. The Tub Rub cleaning pad could last from three weeks to many months.

Is the Tub Rub reusable?
Absolutely! The Tub Rub can be used until the cleaning agent has run out. Please remember, if you chose to use the Tub Rub as an applicator with your favorite cleaner, make sure you use the same cleaner with that particular cleaning pad.

Why doesn't the Tub Rub have a fragrance?
The Tub Rubs contents are all natural. There are no added chemicals.

Can the Tub Rub cleaning pad be used with acid cleaners?
Yes, except for Hydro-fluoric acid.

How do I clean a dirty Tub Rub?
Basically, the Tub Rub is a self-cleaning product. The cleaning agent picks up the soil and releases that soil by rinsing with water. When cleaning heavy grease areas, such as on stove hoods, it may be necessary to use a heavy detergent to clean the Tub Rub.

Does the Tub Rub leave an oily residue?
No. The only residue would be a white powder which will rinse away with water.

Do I need to wear gloves when using the Tub Rub?
When using the Tub Rub by itself, there is no need for gloves. If you use Tub Rub as an applicator, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the chemical cleaner.

What makes the Tub Rub a superior cleaner?
In order to receive the maximum benefit from your Tub Rub, it must be completely saturated. This means soaking the pad for at least 30 seconds in water before using.

Natural Cleaner
The Tub Rub pads are All-Natural, Environmentally Safe, Long Lasting, pH neutral, non-foaming, and re-usable. They are NOT caustic while easy on the hands.
Use more water and less harsh chemicals!
The Tub Rub can be used for most cleaning applications with just water! It is so easy and so simple. No problems with chemicals, storage or disposal. Works like magic. Completely Worker safe. "The Wetter The Better".

Quick - Easy - Safe

The Tub Rub is ideal for cleaning washable walls, porcelain, sinks, tiles, tubs, showers, shower doors and more.

Quick - Use as is with water for most maintenance cleaning applications. No need for liquid cleaners, powders, spraying, or mixing of chemicals. Hand held.

Easy - Wet, wipe clean, rinse or towel dry and job is done!

Safe - All natural silica cleaning agent.
Safe Cleaning Agent
The Tub Rub is an all natural cleaning product that is pH neutral, not caustic, and easy on the hands. It is storage safe, long lasting, and contains all natural cleaning agents. The contents are biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-ionic. The Tub Rub contains no ammonia or phosphorus, and is non-flammable. It is safe to use on almost all surfaces including these: stainless steel, tile, porcelain, smoke damaged surfaces, chrome, hard water spots, tubs, acrylic tile, walls, showers, ceramic tile, and fiberglass.