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UltraLift - Hydraulic Mount

The Most Versatile Lifter Ever!
All the features of Standard Mount but the UltraLift Hydraulic includes Dual Gas pistons providing easier cover removal and replacement. For max lift assistance the Top or Deck Mount positions are suggested. Fits virtually any hot tub size or shape.

Easy to Operate
Built-in pivot design along with a convenient built-in handle makes cover removal simple and easy. Also allows you to operate UltraLift from either side.  

Built to Last
The unique combination of aluminum and high strength galvanized steel all with corrosion resistant powder-coating, provides years of reliable worry-free service.

Fits Spas up to 109"
Radius up to 16"
Requires 12" - 14" Clearance
Made in Canada
5 Year Warranty

Click here to view the Hydraulic UltraLift in action.
Click here to view the installation video. 
Click here to view the Hydraulic Mount product sheet.
Click here to view the comparison chart between UltraLift Standard, Hydraulic, Under Mount, VisionLift and the VisionLift Boomerang.

Compatible UltraLift Hydraulic Mount product:
The FREEMOUNT Base does not required any attachment to the hot tub or its surroundings. It uses the weight of the spa water to secure the lift solidly in place. The two (2) free-standing bases adjust to the height of any hot tub.

  • No Drilling, No Holes
  • Effortless Installation
  • Works With All Cabinet Designs
  • No Need to Reinforce the Spa Cabinet
  • Made From Corrosion Resistant Aluminum

Freight Eligibility: *This item is not eligible for free freight.
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